Thank you so very much for all of your support and help in my campaign for City Council - walking the Neighborhoods, handing out flyers, talking to friends about why this race was important and much else.

The next two years will be so very crucial for Boise. We have major Zoning code changes looming that I truly believe will worsen our serious housing affordability crisis, end up tearing apart the fabric of our Neighborhoods, and eat up green space.

Many of our Neighborhood Parks and nearly all our Foothills lands do not have strong protective language to prevent their future sale, trade or development. We must ensure the City acts to put the strongest possible protections in place for parklands, and not just go through the motions of protection and we end up with watered down language.

Powerful development interests don't like to hear talk of people living in cars in Boise out of necessity; seniors unable to survive here on meager social security and fixed incomes; or hard working people with decent jobs having to move to Payette and commute because of our outrageous rents and home prices.

Officials can talk all they want about "sustainability", but what is happening to our City right now is not sustainable.

Let's stay in touch! I'll be posting updates when important action items for our community are on P&Z or City Council agendas, and other items of interest.

And I really hope YOU will stay involved, submit comments, testify, and speak out!


A Strong Voice for You in Our City Government

Boise’s unique character will be lost if we don’t keep the neighborhood character that you want and control the processes that quite frankly now seem out of control.  Your participation in our city is vital. For that participation there must be transparency in our government, and you must feel like your voice is being heard.


Growth should be reasonable and managed to keep Boise the wonderful place that it is today. I do not think these policies should be controlled by out-of-state investors, or policies that make our city unaffordable. They should be directed by you and Boise leaders who represent and listen to you.


I have the grit, skills, courage and time to seek your views and advocate for the viewpoints and decisions that you want and that keep our City unique and attractive to everyone who lives here.


My Core Issues

Transparency in Government ​​- We need factual information clearly presented to us, many planning meetings, a lot of public outreach, and better support from the City for neighborhood meetings -- so that when a policy is proposed, there is consensus support. The city must be open to considering alternatives. I want to see you given a voice at every council meeting, with an allotted time period for public comment on any city issues you want to raise, or any ideas you have for our city.


Affordable City Policies - Affordability needs to be factored into all City decisions, as we work to ensure our young people, families and seniors can continue to live here. We need to look at innovative ways to achieve this. That is why I want to see more details/facts and figures before Boise commits to spend 1.15 billion on sewer water work.  I support the Lander Plant upgrade for water release into the Boise River. We need to take a hard look at proposed construction of new plants and injection of treated water that could contain harmful chemicals into our Boise aquifer.


Parks and Open Space, Trees and Heritage - Murgoitio Regional Park was promised for 25 years. Now there is backpedaling on it. I was very surprised that deed restrictions for Murgoitio and many of our parks don’t exist, or are weak. This is even true of some Foothills properties. Open space in Boise is disappearing. I will work to put safeguards in place to protect all of our irreplaceable Boise treasures. 


Zoning Code Changes - This is your City. Boise City has made a promise to Boiseans in the form of a zoning code.  This code has provided 50 years of promises regarding the character of your neighborhood and what can and can’t happen there. When government makes a promise, it should keep it. Folks in affected areas can change their minds, and there are ways of carefully modifying the zoning code if certain findings can be made, and if most residents agree. I will listen and work with every Boise citizen to ensure Boise remains livable.


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